Znani poslovni ljudje, ki igrajo

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Countless websites, magazines and TV shows love telling us all about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and here at JackpotCity online casino, the team loves hearing all about them, especially when gambling’s involved!

Of course, it’s not just actors, pop stars, and sporting heroes who are rich and famous; there are plenty of business people who fit the bill, and quite a few of these tajkuni spend a fair amount of time and a lot of money on casino floors po vsem svetu.

Take a look at some of the stories we’ve heard. We’re sure your eyes will pop as much as ours did!

Harry Kakavas, who has since fallen from grace as one of Australia’s most successful real estate agents, has a rather notorious love of Baccarat, and spent over $1 billion on the card game in just one year. Kakavas’ baccarat playing made headlines for all the wrong reasons, when he tried to sue a casino for his losses.

Another baccarat player whose love of the game is famous for the right, albeit fictitious reasons, is Ian Fleming’s spy hero, James Bond. This secret agent spends plenty of time at the tables and has been credited with making baccarat an increasingly popular option with players worldwide.

Come try this classic card game by playing it with us online here at JackpotCity.

A Swiss businessman with a penchant for playing at casino tables is Safa Abdulla Al Geabury. The foreign currency dealer and precious stones trader has a fortune of more than $1 billion, and a love of ruleta, kralj of casino games.

Another roulette-loving businessman was Greek automobile magnate, Frank Saracakis. A multi-millionaire, he is said to have spent more than $14 million on the game during his life.

Robert Maxwell also loved playing roulette, but evidently didn’t stick to his gaming budget. The media tycoon spent more than $2 million in three minutes, yes, three minutes, while playing multiple roulette wheels in a London casino.

We’re not sure which versions of this iconic game were favoured by these business people, but we are sure that our online and mobile versions of Ameriška, Evropsko in. \ T Francoska ruleta will keep you coming back to JackpotCity casino for more!

Images from: Casino.org, news.com.au, i.guim.co.uk. JackpotCity does not hold the rights to these images and has only used them for information and not advertising purposes.

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